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Oltrepò Pavese

A natural environment to enjoy

Near Milan and in a strategic area between Piedmont and Emilia Romagna, one hour's drive from the splendid Ligurian sea, the Oltrepo' Pavese region is a unique choice of life. Satisfying the need for beauty and practical requirements is easy.

This incredible natural environment – in a region with a long history and traditions that are hundreds of years old - offers an amazing variety of housing solutions.

People wishing to live here are either looking for their main home, with a good quality of life (in an area which allows them to reach the place they work in easily), or a holiday home, for relaxing and quiet holidays.

You may decide to settle in the main towns such as Voghera, Broni, Stradella and Casteggio, Salice Terme, Santa Maria della Versa, Fortunago and Zavattarello, or in the smaller villages, which seem to have come straight out of a fairy tale.

Our selection includes beautiful homes in an unspoilt natural environment. It is an accurate selection of the best available solutions, ready to be assessed.

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